“You can run free, I won’t hold it against ya/ You do your thing, never wanted a future” are the lyrics that set the tone for the album and destroy the double standard of female sexuality. “Cool Girl” was the first song released off of Tove Lo’s sophomore album; Lady Wood. Tove Lo is known for her raunchiness and about being very open about her sexuality. Lady Wood  just as a title even is a perfect example of it.

Lady Wood is not an easy listen. It isn’t supposed to be taken lightly either. Ever since Tove Lo’s first single “Habits (Stay High)” back in 2014, she has formed a very specific audience. While some of her songs can be played on the radio and they are catchy; she is an “acquired taste” when it comes to the lyrics and the actual meaning of her songs. But because of this, she is misunderstood. In society, there is a double standard between men and women when it comes to nearly anything and everything. And Tove Lo is able to defeat it in her music, creating a persona that females and males should look up to. Tove Lo is able to be herself and be upfront about how she is feeling deep inside, toward a certain situation, or an interest in someone.

Lady Wood is the first half of a double album that will later be released in 2017. It is about the an unexplainable feeling, as well as self awareness that goes along when you feel that you’re losing touch with yourself.

The first half of the album; “Fairy Dust” consist of six tracks, and it is about that unexplainable feeling. It is the raunchier side of the album as well. Includes the tracks: “Influence,” “Cool Girl” and “Lady Wood.” It’s all about partying, being excited and just going with the flow. The lyrics: “Perfect imperfections with mistakes and a unlearned lessons/ Yeah, you give me wood/ Give me lady wood” from the track “Lady Wood” show Tove Lo’s undeniability to be herself and just keep doing whatever it is that she is doing. She isn’t afraid to get what she wants and say what she wants to say.

The second half of the album; “Fire Fade” also consist of six tracks as well. It is about self awareness, and finding yourself. It is emotional and vulnerable- a side that is not shown very often. “Keep It Simple” and “WTF is Love” are the tracks that are too often relatable. If it is still being hung up on that guy that you know is bad about you, and you’re trying to move on. Or you feel like you’re fighting for his love and affection, when it’s so obvious to you but him being clueless to love.

It’s an album that builds you up and breaks you down all in just 40 minutes.