Kari Arnett’s debut EP Midwestern Skyline is the perfect country and folk mix for this Wisconsin-born singer/songwriter.

Her soft vocals and the light tone of her guitar that makes the listener able to immerse themselves into the album fully and take it all in. It’s a classic story of love, loss, heartbreak and trying to fill the spaces in-between that is so relatable, and that makes the listener want more than just what Arnett leaves within the song.

The first track of the EP “Heavy Heart,” is the pick-me up that every hurting heart needs. It is upbeat, catchy and is a constant reminder that you aren’t alone and that it will be okay in the end. If it’s a break up with a significant other or a friend, a move to some place new, or whatever it may be- Kari is able to speak to her audience and make a connection that is not artificial.

“Casualties” is the fourth track on the EP. It’s an empowering, “free bird” vibe of not letting the one who hurt you, hurt you over and over. “I was your casualty in a war that I could never win,” are the lyrics that stick out the most and something that is felt all too often. Love is something so strong, and it is so easy to fall in it’s trap. Kari is able to turn something so sad, tragic and beautiful into an art of her own.

“We will burn, burn like wildfires” is the chorus of the last track of the EP; “Wildfires.” It’s the closure that everyone and every album needs. At this point of the story, you are hurt, tired and burnt out. But “Wildfires” is able to capture that final feeling of accepting and letting go of the past and what has been done.

The seven-track EP is a personal narrative of sorts that while may be one person’s story; many can relate to and it’s timeless topics.